Global warming: reality trumps the know-nothings

The heat wave goes on across most of the U.S., with accompanying fall in air quality, which results in illness and even death.  Not even counting the smog-related mortality, the death toll is to 10 in Memphis alone.  Russia’s heat wave, accompanied by fires and a drastic die-back of grain in the fields, has even dented the official denialism.  Pakistan’s floods exceed anything seen there in decades, amid a long-term prospect of severe water shortages.  Cholera is rising in Cameroon along with heavy rains at the same time as drought is increasingly common there.  What are the know-nothings saying now, the ones who pointed to snowstorms a few months ago as if they disproved global warming?  It’s real, it’s here now, and it’s already killing people and making others into climate refugees.  No one should waste any more time listening to the know-nothings.  Let’s just get on with transforming the system that drives ever-increasing greenhouse gas emissions, not for our benefit but in the process of capital accumulating itself at the expense of both nature and humanity.  OK?

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