Protesting repression

From the Nov.-Dec. 2010 issue of News & Letters:

Protesting repression

Los Angeles–On Sept. 28, over 100 activists from diverse organizations met at the downtown Federal Building to protest the FBI’s Sept. 24 raids on selected activists in Chicago and Minneapolis. The FBI handed out subpoenas to appear before a federal grand jury, ransacked homes, and took away boxes of documents, computers and cell phones.

A few of the many organizations protesting were the Labor Community Strategy Center, Catholic Workers, Bus Riders Union, News and Letters Committees, Peace and Freedom Party, SEP, FRSO, Topanga Canyon Resource Center, The Brown Berets, an animal rights group, independent activists and many non-violent organizations.

Speakers denounced the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, police brutality, environmental destruction, economic injustice and spoke for workers’ rights in peaceful protests. The raids were called an attempt to “criminalize peaceful political opposition.”

On Oct. 5, the day of the federal grand jury, another protest took place to support those subpoenaed, who would “politely” refuse to testify.


* * *

Chicago–On Sept. 27 we rallied in front of FBI headquarters here to protest the Sept. 24 raids. Signs included “One Nation Under Surveillance” and “Freedom to Dissent.” For over 300 people to show up at a last-minute rally reflects how seriously we take this as an attack on the whole anti-war movement and the Left.

–Anti-war activist

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