Women World Wide, Nov.-Dec. 2010

From the Nov.-Dec. 2010 issue of News & Letters:

Women World Wide

by Artemis

Participants at the 25th National Gathering of Women in Paraná, Argentina, denounced physical attacks on feminists by right-wing Catholics who infiltrated their workshops on “Women, Contraception, and Abortion,” resulting in injuries. Feminists shouting “No More!” physically ousted the anti-abortion fanatics. That same night, thousands of women marched, singing chants against the dictatorship of the church and for women’s right to make decisions about our own bodies, including the right to abortion.

* * *

Women’s groups are working to change the U.N.’s 10-year checkup document on its Millennium Development Goals. It treats gender equality and women’s empowerment as “key goals” rather than as “basic human rights.” A goal of elimination of barriers to girls’ education cannot be reached by just focusing on schools and scholarships. It is also necessary to abolish discriminatory employment, land-inheritance laws, and gender-based violence. Other goals have similar limitations.

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