World in View: Greek youth continue the struggle

From the March-April 2011 issue of News & Letters:

World in View: Greek youth continue the struggle

Once again demonstrators took to the street in Athens–the first general strike of the year–against the austerity drive of the Greek “socialist” government. Creditors granted loans of $150 billion to Greece last year, but the terms included cutting pensions and changing the tax system. February’s protests were organized by two main labor unions. But it was Athens youth who refused to confine their protest to marching, and armed themselves with stones and firebombs confronting police who answered with tear gas. Schools, hospitals and government offices were closed for the demonstrations. Class warfare, launched by the bourgeoisie against the European working class and poor, continues.

Greece, which has experienced the deepest cuts, is the one country that continues in an almost permanent resistance. Will they remain alone, or will other workers and youth join them?


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