Stop Colombian FTA

From the July-August 2011 issue of News & Letters:

Stop Colombian FTA

Stop Colombian FTA

Chicago–On June 10, several dozen activists from FSPA Justice & Peace Coordinating Committee, 8th Day Center for Justice, News and Letters Committees and others marched to Obama’s campaign headquarters here to forcefully remind the President of the promise he made as a candidate in 2008 to “oppose the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement (FTA)” while trade unionists are being killed there. He is now planning to approve the FTA, although over 50 trade unionists have been murdered in Colombia just in the last year.

We carried coffins in a solemn procession and laid them at the doorway to the Prudential Center which houses Obama’s campaign headquarters and sent representatives to meet with his staff. Magda Castaneda, a Mexican community activist from Campaign Against Militarization of our Youth, spoke for many when she said, “President Obama: Don’t you know that by signing the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement you will only make working conditions worse because this trade agreement only serves the interests of the rich and greedy capitalists in both the U.S. and Colombia?

“Let’s remember what has happened to Mexican workers with the North American FTA. Mexico’s poor working class–especially its farmers–has been displaced and greatly impoverished. So President Obama, let’s not underestimate the clamoring for justice. Build fair trade, not unfair free trade!”

–Anti-FTA marcher

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One Response to Stop Colombian FTA

  1. Check out these three videos to hear what Colombians have to say about the US-Colombia FTA:
    Small-scale workers –
    Afro-Col and Ind –
    Civil Society –
    Please take the time to send them to your local representative, to either help prevent the FTA or help Congress realize the importance of establishing protection programs for Colombian civil rights leaders.

    For more information visit Don’t hesitate to follow us on Twitter @USOCHumanRights, or to find us on Facebook.

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