“Notes on News and Letters”

From The Rose in the Cross:

Recently a talk given by members of the News and Letters Committee was pointed out to me, and I listened to it with much interest….

On the talk itself, it’s a pretty basic run-down of their work. It goes over the role of the newspaper in their organization, their opposition to the idea of the vanguard party, and their work in giving prisoners a voice. I agree with everything they stated, and I would encourage anyone who lives near one of their locations to drop in and check them out.

On the vanguard party, I think they are entirely correct. One of the things that struck me from the writings of Raya Dunayeskaya, the founder of Marxist Humanism and News and Letters, is the movement from practice that is itself a form of theory….

Their work on prisons is to be commended. I would only echo their assertion of the growing importance of the “prison industrial complex” and the idea of those in prison as not just a labor reserve army, but as “surplus human beings”. The role of humanism in this matter becomes very evident, as does the idea of going “lower and deeper” into the proletariat….

Read the whole post here.

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