From the belly of the beast—Pelican Bay prisoners speak

From the July-August 2012 issue of News & Letters:

From the belly of the beast—Pelican Bay prisoners speak

A new pamphlet

Pelican Bay pamphlet

Pamphlet front cover

From the Introduction:

Hunger strikes by California prisoners, fighting perpetual solitary confinement, arose in mid-summer 2011 and the fall just when the Occupy movement took off. The prisoners’ thoughts and actions put the criminal justice system on trial in the same spirit as the Occupy Everywhere movements put the capitalist system and its politics on trial. The hunger strikes shined a light on what is nearly universally recognized as torture at the belly of the beast of the criminal (in)justice system which, by any standard, can only be judged to be a total failure….

— Urszula Wislanka and Ron Kelch


* Introduction

July-August 2011

* Pelican Bay SHU on hunger strike

September-October 2011

* Hunger striker speaks

* Pelican Bay SHU struggle continues!

November-December 2011

* SHU prisoners: We want to be treated like human beings!

* Voices from Pelican Bay SHU hunger strike

May-June 2012

* Sham response to prison hunger strike

* Security Housing Unit prisoners react

$3 per copy, $5 to also send one to a prisoner

Mail to: News & Letters, 228 S. Wabash Ave., Room 230, Chicago, IL 60604

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