Renewed attention to Charles Denby

Charles Denby is once again gaining well-deserved attention.  Most recently, a blog post from “Anti-capitalist meetup” points to his contributions, especially the pamphlet Workers Battle Automation.  The post is Trillions in Capitalist Wealth: Where Does It Come From? by Justina.  Here’s a tidbit:

For more voices direct from the auto assembly lines see the excellent booklet, Workers Battle Automation written by  Charles Denby, a Black auto worker and editor of Marxist-Humanist newspaper, “News & Letters,” detailing the struggles of auto assembly line workers in Detroit in the 1950′s and 1960s.

Workers Battle Automation described in detail and the fight against the constantly increasing speed of the assembly line.  Obviously, by speeding up the assembly line, the bosses could increase the number of cars produced per hour, and thus the amount of surplus value extracted from their workers.  See also Denby’s autobiography, Indignant Heart, as well as his editorials published by News & Letters and preserved in their archives.

(You don’t have to buy Indignant Heart: A Black Worker’s Journal from capitalist You can buy it straight from News & Letters: Also, in the near future our website will post pdf’s of all issues of the newspaper back to its beginning in 1955, and you will be able to see all his columns as well as many other important articles.)

This blog has previously noted other recent attention given to Denby, for example, Indignant Heart and Charles Denby’s self-development as worker-editor; and A review of Indignant Heart.  Earlier this year, an excerpt from Indignant Heart was included in a new book, Defining Moments: The Great Migration North, 1910-1970 by Laurie Harris. There is also word that a forthcoming book will have a chapter on him.  Stay tuned.



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