Puncturing myths about de-Stalinization

Newly posted on the Marxist Internet Archive, transcribed by Kevin Michaels:

Where Is Russia Going?

by Raya Dunayevskaya, from the March 30, 1956, issue of News & Letters.

Since the recent 20th Congress of the Russian Communist Party, the capitalist press and spokesmen of the West have been so busy publicizing what the Russian Communists wanted publicized – the destruction of the so called Stalin myth – that they failed completely to see what is new in the present Russian situation.

The Russian people never believed in the Stalin myth in the first place, or in “the cult of personality,” as the present Russian rulers call it.

The millions in forced labor camps testify to more than mere disbelief in the myth of Stalin “the miracle worker.” These imprisoned millions are proof of the continuous revolt of the Russian people against the tyrant, Stalin, and against his heirs who are now his detractors.

To the Russian peasant it matters little whether it was Stalin or is Khrushchev; or whether it is Khrushchev alone or Khrushchev plus dozen other bureaucrats who rule “collectively.” What does matter – and what is new, is that the newest Plan demands nothing less than 100 per cent increase in agricultural productivity per person.

The bureaucracy hopes to overcome workers’ resistance by automation. No private property capitalist has ever dreamed more fantastic dreams of push-button factories without workers, than the present dreams of the Russian state capitalists.

Some Western writers have been completely confused by the new stress the Russian rulers have put on “decentralizing planning.” Like Ford’s present “decentralization plans,” it is not to give the worker any voice in production – but to give the director, that is the manufacturer, a freer hand and more power over the workers as to hiring and firing and intimidation to extract more production.

The Russian tyranny is the exact opposite, in theory and in practice, of the theory of liberation of Marxism-Leninism. In its gigantic effort to force an identity between the two opposites – Marxism and Russian Communism – it gets its greatest help from the American Administration.

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