Car wash wage win

From the March-April 2013 issue of News & Letters:

Car wash wage win

Bronx, N.Y.—Following the successful unionization of two New York City car washes (See “Car wash unionizing,” Nov.-Dec. 2012 News & Letters), another car wash in the Bronx unionized after a protracted struggle with the management of the company. Sunny Day Car Wash initially fired twelve workers for trying to organize a union. The workers, Mexicans and Ecuadorians, fought back and protested their dismissal for two months.

Last November, the workers protested the fact that the company had not paid them for three weeks of work. After that protest, everyone was fired. But they set up a picket line every day in front of the car wash and got the support of other unions and community organizations. They demanded their jobs back and the payment of wages owed them.

This is the third victory of car wash workers in the New York City area in the last year. As one of the workers said, “My co-workers have demonstrated courage, and with the help of the organizations we can return to work today with dignity.”

—Strike supporter

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