Stop Detroit evictions

From the new November-December 2013 issue of News & Letters:

Stop Detroit evictions

Detroit–Detroit Eviction Defense is fighting to keep Jerome Jackson in his home in Inkster, Mich. Jackson has been a leading fighter in Detroit Eviction Defense, active in many campaigns to keep others in their homes. We fight with the Hernandez and Orozco families in Southwest Detroit fighting Fannie Mae and its out-of-control efforts to throw families from their homes and cause further damage to our neighborhoods. Resistance is growing; join us! We demand no more foreclosures, no more evictions and good housing for all.

Fannie Mae (the Federal National Mortgage Association), the giant underwriter of the U.S. mortgage industry, is doing more than 70% of the country’s foreclosures and evictions. Fannie Mae, the banks and the government have forced millions from their homes, while guaranteeing the obscene profits of the banks and the financial services industry.

We say “NO MORE/NO MAS!”

Jerome Jackson purchased his home in Inkster in 2004 as part of a nationwide Fannie Mae program targeting people with disabilities for predatory loans. Fannie Mae, HUD, the State of Michigan, Wayne County and Community Living Services convinced Jackson–and many other people with disabilities including Jerome’s friend and neighbor Donald Moore–to buy a home on the promise that the government would provide ongoing housing assistance so they could afford the mortgage payments. Jackson did his part, paying his portion of the mortgage each month.

He worked to make his home wheelchair accessible, fighting for entrance ramps, front and back, wider doors and a lift to the basement. He has lived in his home with independence and dignity for ten years. Now Fannie Mae and the government have pulled the plug, stopping housing assistance and moving to evict him.

Detroit Eviction Defense meets Thursdays at 6 PM at St. John’s Church, 2120 Russell St. (

–Miriam Pickens

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