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Workshop Talks: Chevron refinery’s ‘acceptable risks’

From the September-October 2012 issue of News & Letters: Workshop Talks Chevron refinery’s ‘acceptable risks’ by Htun Lin On Aug. 6, a huge toxic plume, caused by a massive fire from a leak at the Chevron refinery, spread over Richmond, … Continue reading

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Dispersants take a toll on workers, environment – for what?

Before we get into the story, let me alert you to the oil-spill-related protest Thursday morning, Aug. 5, in Chicago. Please participate if you can, and spread the word. The New York Times reported on July 31 that BP kept … Continue reading

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BP’s Gulf oil spill continues to lay waste to workers, environment

In case you were wondering, no, the oil hasn’t all magically disappeared from the Gulf of Mexico. Bob Marshall of the Times-Picayune reports on the state of the Gulf: “Charter captain Mike Frenette has been wondering whether the news media … Continue reading

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