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Hegel’s Absolute Idea is for workers

Although we, as a state capitalist tendency, had been saying for years that we live in an age of absolutes, that the task of the theoreticians was the working out materialistically of Hegel’s last chapter on The Absolute Idea, we were unable to relate the daily struggles of the workers to this total conception. The maturity of the age, on the other hand, disclosed itself in the fact that, with automation, the worker began to question the very mode of labor. Thus the workers began to make concrete, and thereby extended, Marx’s profoundest conceptions, for the innermost core of the Marxian dialectic, around which everything turns, is that the transformation of society must begin with the material life of the worker, the producer. Continue reading

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“Notes on News and Letters”

From The Rose in the Cross: Recently a talk given by members of the News and Letters Committee was pointed out to me, and I listened to it with much interest…. On the talk itself, it’s a pretty basic run-down … Continue reading

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Audio recording of discussion on News and Letters Committees

Here’s a link to a 47-minute audio recording of a discussion on News and Letters Committees, beginning with a presentation by me: http://archive.org/details/NewsAndLetters This is from a workshop at the Platypus convention in March.  They asked me to talk about … Continue reading

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